Frequently Asked Questions

Do you place your fingers on the frets or behind the frets?
Try to place your fingertips just behind the frets. Preferably so you can FEEL the fret. This would be the exact position you should be in when not using the Fretter. Some teachers use tape to indicate where to place fingers, but then the player has to LOOK all the time which isn’t much help. One student described the Fretter as the “BRAILLE” method.

How thick are the frets?
Quite tiny! About the thickness of 12lb fishing line. (Check the hardware store)

I am left handed. Does that matter?
Not at all.

Do I need to adjust the nut to fit the Fretter?
No. Unless your violin is defective or damaged in that area.

As the tuning on the mandolin is the same as on a violin, can I use mandolin tablature with the Fretter?
Sure can! Lots available.

Will the Fretter help my bowing, which I find difficult?
Sorry. The frets just straighten out intonation. Maybe someone else can invent something for that

Has anyone famous used your Fretter?
Not that I know of yet, but prominent violinist Mark Wood makes, sells and performs with a fretted fiddle called “The Viper”. The frets are permanent and he makes them for 4,5,6 &7 string fiddles. Quite pricey, but check it out.

On that point can I get a Fretter to fit a custom violin, i.e. 6 string, etc?
Yes, dimensions are needed. Width of fingerboard at Nut.

If I order the Fretter how long will it take to get to me?
They are sent airmail from here in Nova Scotia, Canada. Mail service can be unpredictable, but they usually get anywhere in Canada in under 7 days. The United States and United Kingdom is normally under 10 days, and all other countries allow about 2 weeks.